“I started at Khaos a year ago and I’ve seen nothing but improvement on and off the ice. Kyle has introduced me to what it takes to be at the next level and has pushed me to my limits every time I’m in the gym. You will not find a group of trainers that are more committed to each athlete and their development than the Khaos team. The energy inside the gym is incredible in the sense that I can have fun at the same time I grow as an athlete and a person. Khaos has excelled my game immensely and will continue to play a huge role in my hockey career for years to come." (2021)


Calgary Buffaloes / Tri City Americans
Year 2 Khaos Athlete


"I’ve been training at Khaos for over two years and it has made a world of a difference for not only my sport but my confidence. Khaos trainers are always there to push my goals and physical abilities to the next level. The trainers have made an environment that is positive and welcoming, making it feel like I want to be there not have to be. My past and current coaches have made many positive comments about how the Khaos program has made such a big difference in what I bring to the softball field. I’ve improved my speed, agility and strength directly contributing to my top of the team finish in batting the past year. Khaos’ ability to adapt to my schedule and injuries has really set this program apart from others. I believe I would not be where I am today without the continuous support of Khaos trainers and programs." (2021)


Calgary Adrenaline Softball

Year 2 Khaos Athlete


"I have been training at KHAOS for over three years now and it has allowed me to have massive improvements in my game on and off the ice. The trainers create a positive environment that pushes me to the next level. The atmosphere in the gym is always positive and everyone striving to reach their goals. Something about KHAOS that I haven’t had at other gyms before is that the trainers write up programs specific for what you need. They break down what parts of your game need the most improvements and focus on those specifics and educate you on why your doing it. A huge bonus with KHAOS is that they allow for a very flexible schedule, this allows me to not have to stress and miss workouts. I recommend KHAOS for anyone to reach the next level." (2021)


Dartmouth University Hockey
Year 3 Khaos Athlete


“I started training with Khaos three years ago. Kyle took me in with open arms and truly taught me the fundamentals of what it takes to be a high level athlete off the ice. Kyle and the rest of the trainers love what they do, are very well versed in sport science, and take genuine interest in their athletes success. Not only do they train me, they educate me. The atmosphere in the gym is the best I’ve ever been apart of, it’s fun and allows me to enjoy my time training and help guide my development. Khaos has played a big part of my hockey career and will continue to push me each day.” (2021)


Arizona State Hockey
Year 3 Khaos Athlete



Oregon University Track & Field
Year 1 Khaos Athlete


"I’ve been training at Khaos for about four years now and they have been essential in my development as a hockey player. Khaos trainers are always looking to push me to the highest level and make sure I understand what the focus of each workout is and the impact my training will bring to my game. For me, strength training and speed are the two things I try to focus on and the trainers at Khaos are great at breaking down each movement and identifying the areas that need improvement. One of the many things I love about Khaos is their ability to work around your schedule, the flexibility of workouts has been a huge help for me during the off-season when I’d work or have other on-ice training. Year after year at Khaos I’ve gotten stronger and faster as well as learn more about nutrition and recovery which has set me up for success in my hockey career." (2021)


Bowling Green State Hockey
Year 4 Khaos Athlete