Basic Information

DOB: June 10/94

Hometown: Cochrane, AB

Favorite Sport: Rock Climbing 

Favorite Team: Calgary Flames 

Favorite Exercise: Deadlifts

Favorite Type of Music: Alternative Rock

Favorite Movie/TV Show: Stranger Things

Guilty Obsession: Cookies




- Bachelor Degree in Physical Literacy/Kinesiology

- Certified Personal Trainer  

- Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist 

- Professional Kinesiologist

- First-Aid/CPR/AED Certified

- CGI Level 1 and 2 Certification + TRCI Certification 


Sporting History


Growing up I was involved in multiple sports from playing AA hockey, football, snowboarding, wakeboarding and surfing. My relatively high involvement with these sports inevitably brought me to the art of strength training and the benefit it could have on my performance. Over my university years, I changed my sporting focus mainly to rock climbing and long-distance running. I am currently heavily involved in the climbing community both as an avid climber and a certified climbing coach. Overall, sport has played a huge role in my life and strength training has given me the edge I need to push my limits no matter my sporting focus.  




Strength training allowed me to build the physical attributes needed to pursue the sports and activities I enjoy doing. The use of training in my life created a deep fascination with the human body and the science behind optimal performance. I found the more I know the more I wanted to share this knowledge with others and help them in their fitness journeys. Moreover, I wanted to help people fast track their learning in regards to training so that they could bypass the pitfalls that most people fall into when they first start to train. This interest lead me to pursue a bachelor's degree in Physical Literacy at Mount Royal University. My degree helped me gain an even deeper understanding of the science of the human body in regards to biomechanics, sports physiology, injury prevention, coaching, and the history of sport and exercise in general. The degree not only helped fill my fascination for exercise science but gave me the skills to help others reach a state of optimal health and performance. 


Training Philosophy


  • As a trainer, I believe each and every client’s training program must be individualized to their specific needs and individual differences. Moreover, everyone is at a different spot in their fitness journey and my job is to find the best ways to facilitate them on that journey so that they can meet and exceed their fitness, performance, and overall health and wellness goals. 


  • I believe that sharing my knowledge and understanding of exercise science is just as important as creating programs for my clients; Ultimately, I want to foster a sense of understanding and independence within my clients so that they develop exercise habits that they can use throughout their life.



Strength & Conditioning Coach