Basic Information

DOB: June 6/93

Hometown: Cochrane, AB

Favorite Sport: Rock/Ice Climbing

Favorite Athlete: Hazel Findlay

Favorite Exercise: Climbing (duh)

Favorite Type of Music: Alternative

Favorite Movie/TV Show: Stranger Things

Guilty Obsession: Boom-Chicka-Pop Cheetos

As a current Mount Royal University student

studying Massage Therapy, I am eager to
learn and practice my skills. After I completed my

sociology degree at Mount Royal, I was intrigued

by how our interactions and experiences shape

society and each person. As a massage therapist,

I think it is important to recognize the different backgrounds each person

has and build a treatment plan which best suits them. I find the body fascinating and how all of our experiences are a part of it. While the past may influence today, I am driven to provide support for current and future wellness. Sports have had a major role in my life from university soccer, rock climbing, ice climbing, and running; thus, I believe taking care of the body that moves us through everyday life is important, no matter what stage. It can be frustrating when you feel like you can’t participate in those everyday activities which is why I am motivated to help with short and long terms
goals. I believe homecare is a key component of rehabilitation and maintenance in
combination with massage therapy. Whether that’s to restore, prevent injury or stress
relief I am excited to problem solve and help!




Massage Therapist