khaos krew here is your 2O MINUTE. this is a simple class starting the foundations of what we will build off of in the coming weeks.

put on your own tunes and play the video. if you have aNY questionS please reach out.

you will need

  • bolster or towel

  • yoga mat (optional)

  • tunes

be well, stay active, lets go

  • heart bed with support

  • happy baby

  • all 4's

  • cat cow

  • downward dog

  • sun salutation x2

forward fold

plank, lower --> chaturanga

upward dog or cobra

downward dog

forward fold

  • chair

  • crescent moon lunge and warrior two repeating

  • plank

  • three legged dog

  • downward dog

  • child's pose

    • back to chair and repeat on other side

  • twisting to both sides

  • shavasana


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Gals & Pals

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Lost Soles

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Running Suits

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Khaos has great coaches who always keeps kids engaged. My daughter loved the variances in workouts and never found them boring. For the first time, she felt success and improvement in her strength and conditioning!

- Laurie, W (Ringette Parent - yr 2)


Best off-season I’ve ever had. I was actually excited to come in and train unlike previous off-seasons, I would hate going in because of the environment. Khaos welcomes everyone, and from day one you start to see improvements in the way you use your body, and how to better yourself. 

- Carter, B (Hockey Athlete - yr 3)

Thank you for making me a better athlete. Training fully transitioned onto the ice and I feel confident going into my hockey season and more confident in myself and my abilities. 

- Scott, K (Hockey Athlete - yr 2)


Khaos has the best coaches my boys have ever worked with. More than that they are mentors for hockey, training, recovery, and all things along their hockey career. I highly recommend Khaos! 

- Krista, S (Hockey Parent - yr 3)