khaos krew here is your ANAEROBIC ENERGY SYSTEM 


watch the video and remember to pay attention to the details listed below! if you have aNY questionS please reach out.

this video is about...

you will need

  • a timer

  • some tunes

  • your a game

be well, stay active, lets go

15s on / 15s off + 30s Cardio Sprint x2

5 Minute Rest Between

5 Exercises

4 Cycles


your exercises are:

A) Squat Jumps

B) Banded Speed Knees 

C) Skater Jumps

D) Thrusters

E) Mountain Climbers

  • 30s Sprint on Bike, Treadmill, COD, stairs (every second round).

Urban Life

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Gals & Pals

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Lost Soles

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Running Suits

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Khaos has great coaches who always keeps kids engaged. My daughter loved the variances in workouts and never found them boring. For the first time, she felt success and improvement in her strength and conditioning!

- Laurie, W (Ringette Parent - yr 2)


Best off-season I’ve ever had. I was actually excited to come in and train unlike previous off-seasons, I would hate going in because of the environment. Khaos welcomes everyone, and from day one you start to see improvements in the way you use your body, and how to better yourself. 

- Carter, B (Hockey Athlete - yr 3)

Thank you for making me a better athlete. Training fully transitioned onto the ice and I feel confident going into my hockey season and more confident in myself and my abilities. 

- Scott, K (Hockey Athlete - yr 2)


Khaos has the best coaches my boys have ever worked with. More than that they are mentors for hockey, training, recovery, and all things along their hockey career. I highly recommend Khaos! 

- Krista, S (Hockey Parent - yr 3)