Basic Information


DOB: September 5/86 

Hometown: Moenchengladbach, GER

Favorite Sport: Basketball

Favorite Team: San Antonio Spurs

Favorite Exercise: Bench Press

Favorite Type of Music: Hip Hop

Favorite TV Show or Movie: Old Boy

Guilty Obsession: Cheetos Crunchy with Cheese Dip




- Master of Science in Kinesiology

- Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology

- Professional Kinesiologist

- Certified Basketball Coach

- Strongfirst Kettlebell Course

- Strongfirst Barbell Course


Fitness History and Experience


Helping individuals achieving their goals has always been one of my passions in life. Since I was 16, I’ve been educating others about how to improve their physical performance, health, and body composition, while relying on the most current scientific research.


My coaching career began in my teens when I was hired to train a youth team in basketball for my sports club. I knew I’d found my passion for coaching immediately. For years I played semi-professional basketball in Germany which helped me understand that besides your technical skill, physical skill is key for top performance. This motivated me to get an education that helped me understand this relationship and how to improve it.


Since I was fortunate enough to study at one of the elite universities in Germany, I enjoyed receiving a top education and also conducted a lot of research. While attending school, my university hired me as a fitness trainer and later as the Head of the Strength and Conditioning Department. Through those positions, I learned how to work with individuals with diverse backgrounds including professional athletes. Through various internships, I gathered a lot of knowledge regarding injury rehabilitation as well as wellness for elderly people. These experiences match my qualifications and help me to support my trainees to this day.


Since moving to Canada I worked as a Personal Trainer in Red Deer. I won the Employee of the Year Award and was voted Personal Trainer of the Year 2017, voted by the Red Deer Express newspaper. I love art. Besides coaching, I am a musician and painter. These are my favorite past times.


Trainer Philosophy


My true nature is to help others. It doesn’t matter where you are in life, there is always a way things can be done better and you can improve. I will meet you wherever you are and I will help you to get where you deserve to be.


Area of Specialization/Population of Interest


I enjoy working with a vast variety of populations. Even though I spent most of my career focusing on athletes I love working with seniors or other populations just as much. Nothing is more rewarding for me as a coach than helping people regain or improve their quality of life. I would love to help you whether you are interested in weight-loss, increased strength, speed, and mobility, injury rehabilitation, improved mental health or you simply want to learn about movement and exercise.




BKin, MSc-Kin

Athlete Coach & Personal Training Director



Khaos has great coaches who always keeps kids engaged. My daughter loved the variances in workouts and never found them boring. For the first time, she felt success and improvement in her strength and conditioning!

- Laurie, W (Ringette Parent - yr 2)


Best off-season I’ve ever had. I was actually excited to come in and train unlike previous off-seasons, I would hate going in because of the environment. Khaos welcomes everyone, and from day one you start to see improvements in the way you use your body, and how to better yourself. 

- Carter, B (Hockey Athlete - yr 3)

Thank you for making me a better athlete. Training fully transitioned onto the ice and I feel confident going into my hockey season and more confident in myself and my abilities. 

- Scott, K (Hockey Athlete - yr 2)


Khaos has the best coaches my boys have ever worked with. More than that they are mentors for hockey, training, recovery, and all things along their hockey career. I highly recommend Khaos! 

- Krista, S (Hockey Parent - yr 3)